Our Promise To You

Koffler Legal & Consulting was founded as a general-practice advisory services firm with a commitment to small business needs. As we matured and began to focus primarily on technology-related legal issues, we realized that cyber-security solutions and services were not being implemented in a reasonable manner for small business and middle-market firms.

We shifted our focus to ensure that all clients, large and small, could benefit from best-in-class cyber protections. Our promise to you, regardless of your size, is to work together to find a way to keep you protected. While we can’t provide all services to each of our clients, we will work with you to stretch your budget as far as possible.

Whether you need help determining which service of ours best fits your needs, or simply have a question about how we might be able to help you streamline your current security or compliance tasks... just call us at (646) 570-1721

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